Suggs Net Worth

Suggs net worth is $20 million.

Suggs, an English singer-songwriter, actor, musician, radio personality and actor, has a net worth worth of $20 millions. Suggs was born January 1961 in Hastings in Sussex, England. Suggs is most well-known for his role as the lead singer in the English ska band Madness. Madness was formed in 1976. They helped revive 2 Tone ska. Madness’s debut album One Step Beyond… was released in 1979. Their second album Absolutely was released in 1980. Both reached number 2 in the UK. The album 7 was released in 1981. Keep Moving in 1984. Keep Moving in 1985. Mad Not Mad. Madness in 1988. Wonderful in 1999. The Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1, in 2005, The Liberty of Norton Folgate 2009, and Oui Oui Si Ja Ja Da Da 2012 Complete Madness and Divine Madness, the band’s compilation albums, reached #1 in the UK. They are best known for “One Step Beyond”, the “It Must Be Love”, and “Our House” singles. Suggs also released solo albums The Lone Ranger and The Three Pyramids Club.


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