Info About the Les Mills Bodypump Workout

Bodypump is really the training workout that can burn calories at a groundbreaking speed. Studies have shown that bodypump generates long time effects or responses to burning calories. These effects are far greater than a Calorie cardio class.

So what really is a bodypump workout?

Body pump is a fast-paced workout that is designed to help you lose weight, get lean and get toned and fit. it is a barbell-based workout and has been scientifically proven to help you achieve your target more quickly.

Body pump workout was developed by Les Mills and designed to shape and tone your full body. Using bodypump we also increased core strength and improve bone health. The body pump program is a one-hour resistance exercise using a barbell in a very different way that is used in more rapid exercise that exhaust the muscles such that they do not add in bulk, but just strength.

You will go through specific exercises and will do so many reps of each in the end you would have completed around 800 in a session that usually lasts an hour.

Music plays an important Factor in the bodypump program since all exercises are done to music Rhythm. As you become better you will move up to music tracks that require more rapid movement. There are usually specific music tracks for all levels of progress in the bodypump program.

Ideally, a body pump program is normally taught in a group class, or a person if self-disciplined can take the program home and spend two times a week engaging in it. 

Six exercises of the bodypump program are squat, chest press, deadrow, clean and press, lunge, reverse curl.

Benefits of bodypump

There are many benefits to engaging in a body pump workout. The body pump workout is great for all sorts of fitness training whether you want to lose weight build muscle or get ripped. A research project had its participants complete the body pump workout two times a week for 12 weeks.

metrics and changes in weight, muscle tone and strength, endurance, and body fat were all measured. Results from that research show the following benefits:

  • burn up to 600 calories in a workout
  • increase muscle strength and you don’t even have to bulk up to achieve that
  • improve metabolism that gives more energy and stamina
  • better sleep
  • improved focus and concentration
  • better overall health and prevention of some forms of cancer high blood pressure bad cholesterol level diabetes etc….
  • less injury since you now possess stronger muscles to help the body absorb impact
  • increase core muscle strength since those muscles get quite a workout with the bodypump program. Core muscles helps protect internal organs and also support the backbone and spinal column.
  • eliminate back pain and reduce the frequency of occurrence. 
  • improve posture and better overall body definition and you look attractive
  • you will also have great flexibility.
  • you will have a healthier and stronger heart which regular weight training does not provide
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body pump class and fitness goals

BODYPUMP workout

if you have some fitness goals like improving your overall health or remodeling your body definition or you are just really looking to keep yourself fit as you age, you will know that meeting these goals all by yourself is so very difficult because you will keep postponing and skipping your routine: this is one reason why many join gyms. 

Having said that you might consider joining a bodypump class. you will enjoy and learn how to do all the body pump exercises correctly and that will help you enjoy the full benefits of the body pump training program. You will also notice that the music is really great, making it a fun way to get all those workouts in.

the key focus of body pump exercise is to enhance strength and endurance. This makes you burn almost 600 calories each time you work out. after warming up you will be guided through the main workout focusing on major muscle groups like the chest back shoulders abs and legs.


  • stay light if you are new to body pump. Spend your first sections using the light weight scale learn the moves and focus on applying the correct form of each move. also you don’t want to push yourself to injury and not only for newcomers: don’t push yourself to injury and always listen to your body and adjust weights accordingly.
  • As already stated using body pump program will not make you bulky. remember that the weight lifting focuses on the rep effects with the idea of exhausting the muscle using light weights and performing high reputations for a lean athletic muscle. 
  • For those that want to bulk up, you will need more than a body pump class and of course a change in your diet to support your goals. 
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Bodypump is resistance training and a great way to burn calories and build muscle while improving your metabolism and can help you burn calories long after you are done with the exercises.

Joining a body pump class

Are you considering joining a body pump class? I think it’s the right step to achieving your fitness goals. naturally, the class will supply all the weights and bars you need for the class and all you need to do is to get comfortable workout clothes and supportive trainers and also a sweat towel with a water bottle to prepare as the sessions get intense.

Is body pump really effective?

A body pump class on a workout session can burn a significant amount of calories very much more than one would achieve by running or walking on a treadmill for about the same time.

Any disadvantage of the body pump program?

It can be challenging to get the full range of motion for each exercise due to the fast tempo of the music. also endurance nature of the body pump program is not for everyone especially those who like to lift heavy and rest at intervals.

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