The Truth About Girls with Muscle In 3 Minutes

This piece about girls with muscle is not being particular about the “girls with muscle” platform that showcases female athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders. It is an article that is going to highlight certain truths about bodybuilding and muscle building for girls and women.

Building Muscles

 Building muscle isn’t only for the boys. There are plenty of girls with muscle, who are pushing it in the gym, working harder than the guys to pack on muscle and achieve spectacular shapes. 

Girls with muscles are some of the hardest working members of the fitness and bodybuilding community. These girls, whether they’re heavyweight bodybuilders or young female bodybuilders, push their bodies just as hard as the boys.

Their gains are seen by many as a triumph of discipline and ambition. There is a resurgence in popularity of the female bodybuilder on Instagram, where outstanding female bodybuilders are shaping stunning physiques and breaking records. 


girls with muscle and boys

Does Muscle Building Reduce the Breast?

I have seen magazine articles talking about workout and exercise solutions to lift up sagging breasts or increase boob size. The breast is composed of mostly fat tissue, and you can’t tone fat with exercise, but only lose it.

Losing the fat around the breast strengthens the muscles around your chest to create the illusion of size and lift.

Because breasts are made up of fat, you can’t tone them like a muscle. Your breast size will be determined according to the way your genetics store or burn fat in your body.

Truth is, once you start muscle building, you create the environment for fat loss, but generally speaking, from where in your body you lose that fat is up to your genetic makeup.

However, a good fitness trainer can help you with strategies to target specific areas of your body.

As already stated, high-level female athletes can see a reduction in breast size as a result of years of intense training and dieting.

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For this to happen, you need to endure strict dieting and training protocols, such as:

  • Elite level of training in endurance.
  • Resistance training.
  • CrossFit.
  • Sustained strict dieting.

Do Girls with Muscle Have Smaller Breast?

Girls with muscle, like female bodybuilders and other competitive athletes, may appear to have small breasts. These groups of females are at such low levels of body fat. Thus, their breast size isn’t due to muscle building or the type of exercise they do, it’s because much of the fatty tissue in their breasts have been burned out.

When you try to build muscle with resistance training, your muscles grow back thicker, stronger and often increase in volume. Fat doesn’t respond the same way as muscles, so you can’t simply do chest exercises and hope to change your boob size.

However, the pectoralis major muscle lies underneath the breast tissue, and when you build this muscle, you might experience some increase in the circumference of your chest and this can result in a mild lift to the breasts.

Planning to Join Girls with Muscle? This is what to expect

When you initially start weight training as a female, you’ll need to consume a surplus of calories to support muscle growth and repair.

Over time, you’ll increase in size, and your breasts may appear bigger in the beginning due to the new training stimulus.

In reality, bodybuilding gives you Rounder muscles, Fuller, and shapely frame, Bigger chest, Improved Strength and health.

As you progress through the years, the process of building new muscle and burning fat, will you see your breast size reduced.

exercise and breast size

A Complicated Relationship Between Girls with muscle and the Breast

In a 2015 article, published in the Journal of Physical Activity & Health, British researchers identified breast-related issues to be the fourth-greatest barrier to physical activity among women.

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The women surveyed expressed feeling self-conscious about excessive breast movement and embarrassment during exercise.

Exercise can definitely offer a positive result to a woman’s breast health since exercise and physical activity have a beneficial role in breast cancer prevention and rehabilitation.

Exercise helps a woman maintain good cardiovascular, respiratory, and immune health. It can offer psychological and social benefits to women suffering from breast cancer, according to a 2012 study published in Women & Health.

Women who participate in a sustainable regular exercise program at various phases of their diagnosis reported having improved mental states, feeling greater control over their bodies, and greater acceptance of their diagnosis.

Who Is the Number 1 Female Bodybuilder? And Other Top Female Bodybuilders

We searched the webspace and social media to find some of the most built women around and came up with a list of girls with muscle

Maybe, they will get you motivated to hit the gym, or maybe not.

Do men find girls with muscle gross?

It’s all personal preference: If you’re talking about a girl looking fit, even with a relatively muscular build, then men find them super attractive. It is always attractive to see a woman that takes care of her body!

However, if you’re talking about huge biceps, ripped out abs, with bums that are muscularly rigid…..then yeah that’s kind of gross even for a guy.

Before You Go!

We hope this piece has given you the inspiration to set your goals, achieve your dreams, and start on your own fitness journey. 

Whether you’re inspired by the girls with muscle or the women bodybuilders, we hope this post help you set goals you can accomplish.