TIM Card Balance Check

A Tim card is a cash card which can be reloaded with the aim of paying for the foods, drinks and beverages bought at any participating Tim Hortons restaurant (the North American/Canadian restaurant). “TIM Card Balance Check”

One of the good things about this Tim card is that it does not have an expiry date but try to make sure it’s not left with zero account for a period of two years, because once it clocks two years and still empty.

Tim Hortons will consider it unusable and cease it’s further use, which warrants you visiting their main office for reactivation. It offers it’s customers goods at a cheaper rate , thereby making it affordable and convenient for all.

It allows one to load a minimum dollar amount of $5 and a highest amount of $100 in your card. They also offer a free reward program known as Tim Hortons rewards, which they gave room for anyone who is interested to join.


This works by giving it’s participators points on each purchase made and allows them redeem the points to their advantage. The classic Tim card enables it’s users load dollar value in their card for the goods and services yet to be purchased in future.



Do you need a Tim card and needs to get one in order to enjoy it’s goods and all the benefits they offer to their customers? Like the in-built program made for protection against theft or loss. Here is where and how you can get it.

  • Go to any participating Tim Hortons restaurant in U.S or Canada


  • Go to Tim Hortons main/head office


  • Go to your device browser
  • Type in to get a Tim card.



Making use of your time card offline is as simple as ABC. If you are new, just got a Tim card and doesn’t know how to use it. Here is what to do, but you must first activate your card before moving on with the following steps by simply taking a decision on what dollar value needed to be loaded on the card.

  • Go to a team member or server at any participating Tim Hortons restaurant across U.S or Canada
  • Request for your Tim card to be loaded
  • Tell him or her the amount you wish to load in your card. 
  • As soon as they have successfully loaded your card, you are free to scan or tap your Tim card to pay for your purchases at any participating locations or give them to do so for you. 
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You can use your Tim card right at the comfort of wherever you are, simply make sure you are connected to the internet and follow these steps below.

  • Go to Tim Hortons menu and make your selections
  • At the bottom right hand of your device screen, click on the red checkout button
  • Select your payment option, either your credit or debit card
  • Type in your credit or debit card number and you are good to go! Note: the debit or credit card number you input will be saved in the app.



Whenever you make any purchase, the amount of dollar value in your Tim card is automatically deducted or reduced and you may want to know how much is remaining in there.

Let’s show you how you can be able to check your Tim card balance without going to it’s restaurant or visiting any of the team members. 

  • Scratch off the panel at the back of your Tim card to reveal a personal identification number (PIN) which is used for three purposes. (a) for registration of your card (b) for security purposes and (c) for checking of balance on your Tim card
  • Go your device browser
  • Type in to move to their site
  • Then enter your 16 digits card number and your PIN as requested to check your tim card balance


  • Go to your phone dialler
  • Dial 1-866-TIMCARD(846-2273) and request for your Tim card balance to be checked.
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NOTE: The checking of your Tim card balance is free of charge. So do not agree to pay a dime to anyone who claims to be a team member of Tim Hortons restaurant, and do not reload your Tim card from unaccepted source or locations.