Tony Khan Net Worth

Tony Khan is an extraordinary businessman with many ventures. Khan is the son of Shahid Khan, a Pakistani billionaire who is also his partner in many of the businesses. Khan is also the co-owner of Fullham FC, Jacksonville Jaguars and his own venture, AEW.


Tony Khan’s Net Worth and Salary


Tony Khan’s net worth is estimated to be $7 billion as of 2022. Because they share business ventures, their net worth is also linked to his father Shahid Khan. Although his salary is not disclosed, you can assume that it is quite high based on his net worth.


Tony is one of America’s most successful businessmen and has made a name for hisself.



Tony Khan’s Early Life


Khan was born in Champaign Urbana, Illinois on October 10, 1982. He is the second child of Ann Carlson and Shahid Khan, a Pakistani billionaire. Tony is the proud father of Shan, a sister who graduated from University Laboratory in his hometown in 2007. He joined his father in Jacksonville Jaguars as Senior Vice President five years after he graduated. He joined Fulham FC in 2017 as their Director of Football Operations. TrueMedia is also owned by him.



Tony was born to Shahid Khan, an entrepreneur who is a great example of his skills.



Tony Khan and AEW


Tony has always loved wrestling. Tony always wanted to be a wrestler and fulfill one of his childhood dreams. Tony was able to file for numerous trademarks and patents in late 2018 which gave birth to AEW.

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With an investment of $100 million, his father Shahid Khan was the main investor. AEW held its first event at MGM Las Vegas in May 2019. The first AEW event, Double or NEver, was held in May 2019. AEW is a huge success since its launch in 2019. It is hard to believe the accomplishments of the company in just two years. Many ex-WWE stars such as Sting, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Chris Jericho have made the company their new home. This has made AEW a major competitor to WWE, and its fans love it.



Tony Khan Awards


Tony was awarded the Wrestling Observer Newsletter promoter of year award in 2019. Tony was also named best booker for 2020 in Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s 2020 promoter of year category. He has dedicated his life to making professional wrestling better.

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