Top 10 Solar Companies In Nigeria

 It is heartbreaking and disappointing when you are in the middle of a work or project and there is power outage. In such a developed country filled with so many potentials, resources, high and mighty, people still use lamps, candles, rechargeable lantern, touch and generator in order to see at night or go about their daily business. Many source of livelihood has been affected, finances depreciated, appointments terminated and the hot weather suffocating because of power failure. “Top 10 Solar Companies In Nigeria”

        Sometimes, there is power outburst which damages all the electronics in the house, office or working place, yet at the end of the month you pay a huge sum for light bill. As a result of this, people began the search of an alternative source of light without wholly depending on the power supply company to avoid further damages and disappointment. Then solar energy was discovered and converted to put an end to the earnest search.


It is a bright glowing light and heat from the sun which is brought to use for human advantage using a range of technologies.


There are three (3) major technologies used in harnessing solar energy. They are


  1. The PV(photovoltaic): this converts light to electricity
  2. The CSP(concentrating solar power): this uses heat from the sun to drive electric turbines and utility scale
  3. The SHC(solar heating and cooling system): this uses the heat from the sun to make water hot.
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“Top 10 Solar Companies In Nigeria”

       Top 10 Solar Companies In Nigeria


These are some of the things you can do with solar energy.

  1. Generating of electricity with solar cells
  2. Processing of photosynthesis by plants
  3. For conditioning
  4. For making hot water
  5. For air heating
  6. For cooking
  7. For drying of clothes
  8. For making of solar furnaces
  9. For heating buildings
  10. For drying of agricultural products.


These are some of what we benefit from using solar energy

  1. It saves money
  2. Creates natural source of energy
  3. Provides unlimited power supply
  4. It is a sustainable source of light
  5. Provision of heat and light
  6. It’s a renewable energy source
  7. Removes frustration of power failure
  8. It is always available
  9. Reduces dependency on fuel and power holding company
  10. It’s a special form of energy because it serves all purposes.

“Top 10 Solar Companies In Nigeria”


These are the top best solar companies you can rely on.

  1. ASTRUM ENERGY SOLUTIONS LTD: It supplies solar energy services to households and business centres.
  2. WAVETRA ENERGY LTD: This is one of the most top solar companies in Nigeria which helps supply power to street lights, inverters, cycle batteries and charge controllers. They also train people who wants to study and learn all about solar energy.
  3. RUBITEC NIGERIA LTD: This company is based on supplying electric power for the good and advantage of developed and undeveloped community. They  also concentrate more on biomass energy, hydro power, solar and inverter back up system.
  4. SOLAR FORCE NIGERIA PLC: This company is highly recognized in the country for their specialization in solar technology and products like street lights, home system, solar borehole, etc.
  5. ECOZAR TECHNOLOGIES: This is one of the solar companies which is popularly known for inverter installation in offices, homes and business areas. They are also good in supply and maintenance of quality solar power. They provide a reliable power solutions and serve you well with a regular check up.
  6. INFINITE SOLAR SOLUTIONS NIGERIA LTD: This solar company is high recognized and awarded for their quality supply of solar lights, lamps and refrigerator. Their customer services are good and they deliver their goods on time.
  7. GREEN POWER: This company provides quality UPS, inverters, and offers mechanical and electrical solutions to schools, hotels, government, private organizations, real estates and banks. They ensure that energy is conserved to offer power and solar solutions.
  8. HIANS ENERGY SOLUTIONS LTD: This company are experts in supply and installation of UPS and power solutions. They also repair and offer electrical services and energy.
  9. LEKS ENVIRONMENTAL LTD: This company provides solutions scientifically, environmental and health wise. They also construct medical, waste recycling and environmental equipments.
  10. POWER TECH SOLAR ENERGY LTD: This company specializes in delivering power products for companies, industries and homes. They also install and supply quality power storage and energy solutions.
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“Top 10 Solar Companies In Nigeria”


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