How to Unsend iMessage in iOS 14 ( Best Guide) 2022

A few times or more, you may have accidentally sent an iMessage or text message on your iPhone and wished you could reverse it. If this happens to you often, then you’re about to know how to unsend iMessage in iOS 14

How to Unsend iMessage in iOS 14
How to Unsend iMessage in iOS 14

There are a lot of valid reasons you may want to unsend iMessage before it’s delivered on the iPhone. It could be that you sent a text and realized immediately that you forgot to include a detail or you sent an embarrassing text that you probably shouldn’t have sent in the first place. 

Whatever the reason may be and if you’ve been googling for a way to reverse a delivered message in case of next time such happens, this post will provide the most accurate information and steps to Undo a text message from iPhone and iPad. 

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Can you unsend iMessage from iPhone & iPad?

Basically, it is impossible to undo/unsend a delivered iMessages on Apple devices. This is because the Apple iMessage platform was designed with “Privacy” in mind. So, normally, if you send an SMS, MMS, or iMessage to any other iOS or iPhone device, it will be delivered to the recipient. Even if you remove the sent or received texts from your phone, it won’t reflect on the recipient device.

BUT, there is a way to undo a sent iMessage just before it actually delivers to your recipient.

When you send an iMessage, it can usually take a few seconds or more before the sending completes. This depends on your mobile connection or WiFi. If it’s a photo or video, it takes even longer to send it through iMessage. During those few seconds, it is possible to undo the message from being sent and delivered to your recipient if you act fast enough.

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How to Undo / Unsend iMessage in iOS 14

The process involved to unsend iMessage on an iPhone before it gets delivered is quite easy, but you will need to be quick to do it properly, as it only takes a few seconds for an iMessage to officially send and get delivered.

To undo a text message that you sent, simply swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPhone’s screen immediately. This brings you up to the Control Center. 

Quickly enable or click Airplane Mode on most iPhones or iPads. 

If you’re using an iPhone 8 and older, you will need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. This cuts off all signals going to and from your iPhone and will make it impossible for any message to send. Eventually, you will get a “Not Delivered” message in red.

If you’re sending a picture or a video, you have a few more seconds to enable Airplane Mode. 

When you see the red exclamation mark and “Not Delivered,” you now have two options. 

Unsend iMessage in iPhone iOS 14


You can tap and hold down on the message and then select More. A trash can icon will appear and you can click it to delete the message. You can also tap on “Delete All” to wipe an entire conversation.

Do not forget this step because if you do and your iPhone gets its signal back, it will attempt to send the message again.

The most important thing is being quick to carry out these steps. If an iMessage gets delivered, physically deleting it from the recipient’s iPhone device is a waste of time. The iMessage has already been transmitted to all of the recipient’s Apple devices. So they may have already seen it on another device, such as an Apple Watch, or later in the day when they go through their iPad or MacBook. 

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Can you unsend iMessage in iOS 14?

Presently, there is no official way to retract an iMessage on iPhone and iPad. But, you can quickly unsend an iMessage before it gets delivered.

How to unsend messages on iPhone iOS 14?

To unsend iMessages in iOS 14, Open the conversation and you should see the red exclamation mark on the right side of your message and “Not Delivered.” Now click and hold down on the message and then select More. A trash can icon will appear and you can click it to delete the message. You can also tap on “Delete All” to wipe an entire conversation.

Does deleting an iMessage delete it for everyone iOS 14?

No. iMessages are transmitted to all of their Apple devices once they are sent. So, it can only be deleted from all your devices and not the recipients’


With this helpful and detailed information on how to unsend iMessage in iOS 14, you won’t have to panic the next time you accidentally send a text message on your iPhone. You will know how to unsend iMessage before it’s delivered. But remember, you’ll have to be sharp and quick. 


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