Ways To Recover Deleted Files For Android

Deleted files occur mostly as a result of user error. Sometimes, you mistakenly delete files which are important/useful to you but find it difficult to retrieve it. Yes, no one is above mistake.

You can also fall a victim of this too by merely touching or tapping your thumbnail on the delete option. You might have intentionally deleted a file which you think you are done with, only to found out you will be needing it later but can’t find it anymore.

Oh! I wish I had kept that, I wouldn’t have deleted it, i never thought it’s gonna be useful again, what do I do now? These situations can be heartbreaking and frustrating especially when there is an emergency or urgency need of such file.


When thinking of recovering your deleted files, these are some of the questions you need to ask yourself and answer before taking a step forward.


  1. Where did you store those files?
  2. Do those files have back ups?
  3. Is your phone rooted?
  4. Is it encrypted?
  5. Were you using any cloud enabling services?

If you are able to answer these questions, it will go a long way in helping you recover your lost deleted files. Now, let’s go to how or means of recovering your deleted files.

Ways To Recover Deleted Files For Android


        Have you lost your wedding pictures on your phone? Your birthday photos, seminar documents, written articles, non edited videos, important speech or any file of precious memories? No matter how devastating it may be, don’t be too hard on yourself and worry no more. The good news here is that it’s retrievable and we are going to show you several ways to recover them and bring back that special smile on your face.

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This can be used to support or back up thousands of photos and videos. You can also make use of Google photos to recover your deleted files, if only you are a regular user or signed up to it. These are the steps to take to achieve this:

* Download and install Google Photos App, if you don’t have it in your phone. 

* Tap to open

* Slide to the left, you will see Device folders, Archive, Bin, Free up space, Manage your library and Settings in s row

* Click on Bin

* Select Restore at the top right hand side

* Click on the image or images you want to restore (a good will be marked on the images selected)

* At the bottom right, select Restore. And you have successfully recovered those files.

NOTE: In Google Photos App, deleted files lasts for sixty(60) days before they disappear.


This helps in sharing of files within your devices and also access them, irrespective of where you are or the device you are making use of.

* Download and install the Google Drive App, if you don’t have one

* Tap to open the App

* Select Trash by sliding from left to right

* You will see a list of files

* Search for your missing files

* Select the three(3) dot menu for a particular missing file

* Click on Restore from the list (menu). Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your files.

NOTE: In Google Drive App, deleted files lasts for thirty (30) days before disappearing.

          BACK UP

You can also use cloud in-built back up solution to restore your data from your Android phone.

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* Go to your phone ‘settings’

* Select ‘Accounts and Back up’

* Click on Back up

* Select Restore data

* Select whatever you want to restore

* Click on Restore.

         DISK DIGGER

This can help you recover your deleted files on your Android.

* Go to Google Play

* Download and install “DiskDigger”

* Run the App

* If your device is not rooted, choose ‘M”START BASIC PHOTO SCAN”, If it’s rooted, choose “FULL SCAN”

* You will be asked to allow DiskDigger to access files in your device, click on yes

* A list of files it located will be shown to you

* Select the files you want to recover

* Click on ‘Recover’ on the left at the bottom.


You can easily recover your files using the Dropbox. How to achieve this:

* Go to your phone browser

* Visit DROPBOX’s site

* Sign in to use(Note: use the same credentials you used for the browser App)

* At the left hand side on the top, click on the “hamburger menu”

* A menu will be displayed

* Select “Deleted files”

* Search through the deleted files and tap on the ones you want to recover

* On the top right, you will see “Restore”, tap on it and restore.