5 Remedies for Puffy Eyes from Crying & Other Causes


Puffy eyes from crying refer to inflammation of the tissues around the eyes (above, below, or all around) due to an extended period of crying. The real puffiness is caused by periorbital edema or liquid build-up around the eye. Causes of Puffy Eyes Aging, weight increase, and genetics can also play a role. Causes of … Read more

Extreme Exercising: From Hero to Zero 0

extreme exercising and our health

While regular physical activity is known to bring numerous health and wellness benefits, an excess of intense physical activity or extreme exercising may bring its own health risks. New research has highlighted that there is such a thing as extreme exercising. Many ladies and guys, including some of the world’s fittest, have taken their final … Read more

4 Ways To Use Relaxing Massage To Become Irresistible To Your Partner

relaxing massage zones

The use of aromatic oils, the creation of a special atmosphere, and the knowledge of what your partner likes, can be an ideal combination for an erotic and relaxing massage session.  It is a very relaxing and pleasant way of expressing our feelings; find out how to carry it out. 4 Ways To Give Your … Read more