What is Chunkz’s Net Worth in 2022?

Amin Mohammed, also known as Chunkz, is an entertainer and Youtuber. He is known for his positive, vibrant personality.

Chunkz has over 2.2 million subscribers to his channel. He is also part the youtube group “Beta Squad” which has over 3 million subscribers. Chunkz can also be seen on many other Youtube channels like ‘Pro Direct’ and ‘Footasylum. His hit show, ‘Does the Shoe Fit’ is an excellent example of the energy Chunkz is known for.

His popularity and admiration among fans across the country was also evident in his win of the 2020 MOBO Awards for ‘Best Media Persona’.

His feature as Aznee in Big Shaq’s viral 2017 track ‘Man’s Not Hot’ was the catalyst for Chunkz’s rise to stardom. Chunkz had a short but successful music career. However, he decided to leave the industry in May 2021 due to his religious convictions. Many of his fans responded well to his decision.


What is Chunkz’s net worth in 2022, based on his music and youtube success?

How much is Chunkz worth?

According to Networth Spot Chunkz’s estimated net worth is $527,000 (PS450,000.750).

Even though he has stopped performing, Chunkz’s financial position is still quite impressive. He continues to earn sponsorships and is the co-host on #SaturdaySocial.

While he is not very active on his Youtube channel, Beta Squad’s popularity is increasing significantly and their weekly videos are drawing a lot of viewers. Their subscriber count has increased 40% over their normal growth. This could be due to a hit video featuring KSI.

Apart from his internet appearances, Chunkz has been on an impressive and continuous journey to stay fit. He has lost 42 kilos over the past few years. This has earned him the online award.

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Currently, Chunkz resides with his Beta Squad friends, Niko Omilana and Sharky in a $5million dollar mansion.


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